Alex King Atelier is a fast-moving research-based international design consultancy based in Hong Kong. It is an award-winning design team specializing in product design, universal design, letterpress, sustainable packaging and art creation. The co-founder, Alex King becomes a Red Dot Winner in 2020, iF Design Awardee in 2021, Global Design Award, K-Design and Hong Kong Smart Design Awards Winner. Alex King Atelier collaborates with young design talents to promote design excellence in Hong Kong, in search of aesthetics, explore what might be compelling latent needs and offer new design solutions benefiting the society as a whole without scarifying aesthetic quality.

"Journal de Chic" Signature Notebook Series


We intend to share the art of travelling by capturing unusual moment to reflect the characteristics of major cities with other angles. Inspired by street culture, expressive florescent splash are adopted where “X-X-X” implies those cities visited, we put a cross symbol over the map. People can input longitude and latitude appeared on the color strap to explore recommended mysterical scene through e-channel. It allows an alternative way to explore life experience and promote active living.


This is a series of twelve travel journals depicting six major cities, regarding living culture, object of desires, religions, needs and wants, love and hope.





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"One Hero in One City" Letterpress Calendar


Designer deliberately identified one greatest hero in one city so as to pay tribute to his/ her major contribution to art, science, religion and society in the past. Selected heroes were born in different cities across the world.


Letterpress is unique as every single piece of work is original, hand printed that gives a sense of human touch when we tried to get some haptic feedback of calendar. A hand-printed black circle on each month of the calendar is the memorial day of each respective hero to show respect to them. It comes with a fine, contemporary chic packaging to offer new experience of luxury at museum class. Each product will have its unique printing number as well as the signature of designer.



L’amour Red Packet Boxset


L’amour Red Packet Boxset is a contemporary design for Chinese festival. In Chinese soceity, a red packet is a monetary gift which is given during Chinese New Year (CNY) and weddings. People will give a red packet to children, family members and people who are unmarried as a token of good fortune for upcoming year.


This is a boxset design containing 16 red packets, 8 pieces in each side to signify fortune and completeness in life. People can choose out of 26 different designs and combination according to their initials and personal needs. Personalized gift offers people a sense of uniqueness and is perfect to create a personal touch for oneself and the people they cherish. Embossed graphics “Y” connecting to each other represents new year and future years to come, signifies hope and best wishes will last for long in coming decades.



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Bruce Lee Memorial Night 



This project aims at offering a new packaging for the classic singlet to be sold at Bruce Lee Memorial Night. Bruce Lee was a martial artist, actor whose career spanned Hong Kong and the US. The singlet is designed in 1950s where Bruce wore it to fight and won in the boxing competition. The boxset came with a unique certificate and a set of two photos captured in 1954 at St. Francis Xavier's College where Bruce studied for a few years.


We aimed at promoting alumni reunion with this celebration.


We were invited to design a box set during Bruce Lee Memorial Night, together with the true scaled fluorescent 3D figure aimed at photo shooting. This event offers a young, energetic atmosphere to recruit younger generation to join SFXC alumni association. We produced 400 box sets where each set should have one unique certificate printed together with the first impression of Bruce. According to our Brothers - "His present and frank personality remains in our mind" . We also design a transparent tote so that each green box set can be visible to anyone on the street.


Relax & Mindfulness

Purify Your Soul with Palo Santo Wood and Art


The bespoke mindfulness gift contains a Palo Santo wood, that is known for its fragrance and its cleansing, soothing and energising benefits.

The burnt wood can also serve as your “ink brush” that allows you to express personal feelings on Chinese Xuan papers who are made from the tough bark of the Tara Wing-Celtis or Blue Sandalwood free and rice straw. Paired with an exquisitely designed copper plate made in Jinan, China.


The gift combines the wisdom of both the East and the West, showcasing the concept of harmony in your chosen environment and create a serene and poetic brushes for mindfulness in the post-pandemic era.


Everyone is unique. One could light the Palo Santo wood, and let the wood burn for 10-20 seconds, gently shake it to extinguish the fire. Place the burnt wood on the handcrafted copper dish to release its iconci scent. Slow down, inhale and exhale deeply for 3 minutes, feel one's body and enjoy peace of mind. Hold the burnt wood to draw and create words with your free mind. Enjoy mindfulness with Palo Santo wood and Chinese art.


Red Dot Winner 2020


Pokermate for ALL


Pokermate for ALL is deliberately designed for families to enjoy card playing during pandemic – adults spend more time to work from home and thus to have more time to take care of their grandparents through game playing. Poker is printed on smooth papers so that players could use less effort to shuffle. Enlarged sans-serif fonts on corners - players could read them clearly even if they are in low sensory abilities.


Simplified graphics on Jack, Queen, King symbols so that older adults could recognize more easily and better encouragement while receiving these cards. Organic holder is made of solid beech and walnut builds an emotional attachment with players - fill in the slots with cards. Inclined design offers a sense of privacy as a card shelter without exposing to others - which is the best for playing Big 2, Chinese Poker and Matching Games.


#My HomeTown


We intend to promote Chinese culture and festivals by utilizing traditional letterpress printing technique to create a pocket-sized self-standing calendar. Unlike mass-produced products in the market, “#My HomeTown” composed of 12 spot colors across 12 months hand printed on pieces of recycled certified FSC papers.


The amount of soy ink applied each time is different, making each calendar become unique and individual. Moreover, wooden stand is made of reclaimed materials to advocate eco-consciousness. When you change paper in the first day of each month, you could feel a sense of rustic, warm and happiness.




Throughout 10-day participative workshop with local elderly to discuss their needs and wants in their daily lives, we found that quite often, older persons prefer to sharpen their knives in a regular basis on their own way before cooking. Normally the sharpening stone is placed on floor that creates hygienic problem.


This chopping board is designed and developed under Universal Design Principles, offering a better solution for elderly and disabilities to have chopping and knife sharpening in one go to make it more user-friendly and safety without using much effort.




More than 70 participative older persons in Hong Kong joined our participatory research programme to express their needs and stories in daily lives. We discovered while rubber foot of typical walking cane has been used up, older persons still have hesitation to purchase another replacement. The present design challenges existing one that being scratched off continuously for years, it has to be completely replaced by another new one. It can be easily replaced by another rubber cap by screwing up to right position. Elderly prefer to put an individualized colored rubber band to distinguish their belongings among the others, usually vibrant colors.


Turning process required less energy to finish and is easy to understand even the users are in low education level. 1000 pieces of samples were distributed in the Government event “Opportunity for Elderly” organized by Social Welfare Department.

Key Visual Design for the 20th Inauguration Ceremony, GAAHK


Through capturing the magic moment of an artisan who is mixing various vivid colors to create masterpiece, the design signifies the art fusing between professional designers and experienced printmakers co-creating a new object of desire. We never know the end result and we keep trying. We see beautiful one not simply by our eyes, but with our hearts.


International recognition

We received international design awards including Red Dot Design Awards, iF Design, K-Design, A'Design Award, Hong Kong Smart Design Awards etc.


 "After rain comes sunshine the rainbow !